St Peter and Paul

29th June 2018
A big thank you to the children and their parents from Y4 who joined us in school today for our celebration of First Holy Communions. The children looked fabulous in their Communion clothes and were held up as 'saints' for the younger children to copy when it is their turn to journey towards Communion.
The Y3 children started their journey by reading today. we listened to stories about St Peter and St Paul and how they showed determination to follow what Jesus has asked us even in the face of real danger.
I said it would be a real challenge for the children to get their parents to say 'You're a saint' this weekend. Let's see how many can manage it?
The Y4 then went on to plant our annual apple tree. This is number 6 - so an orchard is starting to emerge!
Well done children and a big thank you to Mrs. Calley for her help and support.