Faith in Action

This year 13 of our year 6 children have committed to the Faith in Action program. 

The Faith In Action Award rewards active service in schools and parishes and encourages young people to shine the light of faith upon their service experiences.

There are four different levels of award: Pin, Bronze, Silver and Gold. For this reason it has been described as a ‘Catholic Duke of Edinburgh’ – although there are some obvious differences that mean this is very much a stand-alone award grounded in Catholic theology.

The award allows the Church to celebrate, recognize and reward all that active young people of faith already give to the Church; but it also challenges those young people to deepen their relationship with God and change the world in which they live.

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During Lent the Faith in Action team organised a collection for the food bank and the Easter raffle. Proceeds from the sale of tickets were donated to CAFOD and the food bank - making a difference near and far!
Watch this space for more fundraising and acts of service to support our community.
Our first act of service this term was a visit to the Trussel trust food bank distribution warehouse in Warrington. the children helped sort and weigh some of the food donations and learned a lot about how the charity supports families in need. Our next project will be based on supporting the food bank further. Some photographs included above.